Visitor Policy


In order to provide a safe and secure environment for Laquey students and staff, the Laquey School District implements the following visitor policies:


(A)  Visitors include everyone but currently employed personnel of the Laquey R-V School District and currently enrolled Laquey R-V students.

(B)  No visitors are allowed in the school building during the school day. The school day begins at 7:45 and ends at 3:15. Our staff supervises students who have arrived and are not available for conferences or visits immediately before or after school.

(C) All visitors must pre-arrange visits with the classroom teacher. All parents are welcome and invited to conference with their childís classroom teacher or coach. This visit must be pre-scheduled with the classroom teacher or appropriate office during the teacher/coaches scheduled conference time. Conference rooms shall be utilized if available.

(D) Parents/visitors are always welcome to visit a principal. Principals do have daily duties to include supervision, evaluations, disciplinary needs, along with several responsibilities; the principal may be unavailable on many occasions. Conferences with the principal should be pre-arranged by making an appointment through the appropriate office. Conferences with the principal should be made only after a conference with the teacher (if appropriate to the need) is held.

(E)  All visitors must be escorted to their destination by an authorized school employee.

(F)  Scheduled holiday parties, performances, and event invitations are not included in this policy.

(G) All visitors must check in with the office, sign the visitorís log, and obtain a visitorís pass prior to a scheduled conference.

(H) All items delivered including flowers, school related items, food, etc. will be left in the appropriate office. Office personnel will deliver the items to the student or person the item is intended for.

(I)    A Parent or guardian is allowed to visit the classroom by filling out the classroom observation form and obtaining approval from the appropriate building principal.

(J)   A room will be provided to parents who wish to eat lunch with their student. The student will bring a tray to the room, no one will be allowed to go to the lunchroom to eat with or visit their student at lunchtime. This should be kept to a minimum as students have a very limited time for lunch and socialization with their peers.

(K)  NOTE: Parents and guardians may take their children to class, lockers, etc. on the first day of school.

Visitors/Parents are always welcome to the Laquey R-V School districts. In order to provide a safe and secure learning environment we ask visitor protocol be followed by all visitors. Violation of visitor policy could result in a recommendation of implementing individual limited access.